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Back on Earth When Men First Landed on the Moon
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Back on Earth
Written by Gretchen Griffith Illustrated by Bobbie Gumbert
Gretchen again teams up with illustrator Bobbie Gumbert, this time to bring a picture book narrative nonfiction of “us” back on earth during the Apollo Eleven moon mission. Written in first person, plural, it takes the reader through time to the summer of 1969 as the children of fifty years ago share their experiences and emotions watching history unfold. Designed as a conversation starter between generations, it includes an “It’s Your Turn Now” section with interviewing ideas for the reader, a glossary of terms, and a list of videos showing the moon mission action as it happened
July 16, 1969 Liftoff
July 20, 1969 Landing on the Moon!
August 13, 1969 Celebration Time!