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Hoop Hike Sue and Lou and Reagan Roo take their hoops on a rhythmic journey of discovery. Going on this hike leads them through the backyard to the creek. They throw the hoop, floop, floop, and investigate where it lands. "What's inside your hoop?" they ask each other. Among the discoveries, they find acorns (Ooh!) and caterpillars (Ooh!) and an elf (Huh?). Hoop Hike is designed to enhance curiosity in young children and to celebrate their vivid imaginations.
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Thanks to Bobbie Gumbert for the illustrations. Bobbie and her husband, Gerald, live in Western North Carolina.
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Comments: Lovely rhythmic language, great plot structure, defined main character, adventure tale with a magical Reagan Roo! A delightful story any young child would love. An adventure that basically takes place in a back yard and neighborhood. Really relates that a great adventure can be had close to home. I recommend this book for any young child but especially those with some reader skills. They will love the repetition of words and phrases. D. L. Allmand The simple illustrations are colorful enough to grab their attention. The language is rhythmic and fun. Children will latch onto the floop, floop, flop phrase. I can already hear my grandchildren repeating those words as they play. What a great idea...hiking with a hoop and throwing it in the grass then discussing what you find there. It's simple enough that any parent, grandparent or caregiver can have fun with while hiking with their charges. It's also a concept that could be easily utilized in the classroom too. What a great way to teach science while having fun. SKW
Also known as Granny Gretchen, author Gretchen Griffith is a former elementary school teacher and present time grandmother. Besides reading with her grandchildren, she enjoys frequent "Granny Camp" activities. She and Grandpa Van live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.
Hoop Hike
Hoop Hike
Dedicated to the real Reagan, the author’s granddaughter