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Children's Author Visit 1 - Storycatching for students, emphasizing interviewing skills and writing. Children's Author Visit 2 - The Writing Process from a former fourth grade teacher. Children's Author Visit 3 - Path to Publishing - Reading my materials, sharing my path toward publication from idea to book in hand. Made-to-fit Children's Author Visit - Tell me your needs, I'll fit around them. Fees: Local, no fee, but for adult programs I do request the privilege to offer my books for sale. Travel situations, let’s talk.
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The Art of Storycatching – I’ll share my experiences as a storycatcher preserving life stories and showing how the ordinary can become the extraordinary. I will read from my books, bringing to life all kinds of personalities I’ve uncovered. Oral History Presentation - Not a “how to,” but a “how I…” How I caught stories and turned them into books. What worked for me. What I would do differently. Memoir Writing Workshop - Objective: To learn steps for writing a memoir from concept to publishing. Overview: It’s a simple fact. The past will get lost if we don’t share it. True accounts, the fantastic life experiences as well as the ordinary day to day stories, need to be recorded. The Memoir Writing Workshop is designed for those who are interested in preserving precious stories, but are unsure where to begin. The workshop starts with a look at the possibilities, continues through researching techniques and writing ideas, and concludes with publishing resources. This will be a time of gathering ideas and finding solutions as participants focus on personal goals, processes and tools. Part One – What Memoir is Defining the life-writing genre called memoir Examining memoir samples currently on the market. Recognizing purposes for individual projects Identifying possible stories in our own lives or in the lives of others Developing lists to use as starting points. Part Two – Researching and Gathering Collecting information Diaries, letters, or scrapbooks, how to use them and where to go next Photographs Resources available in libraries and the internet Interviewing techniques Part Three – Writing and Publishing Overcoming the fear of putting the information to the paper Tips for organizing data and writing a rough first draft Emphasis on seeing the project through to publishing o Handwritten o Self-published physical and electronic books o Traditional publishing houses
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